Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday-Cyber Monday

Black Friday-Cyber Monday!

Gobble Gobble!  I don't know about you but my belly's full of turkey and I'm ready for some shopping.
We have a ton of great deals going on the next few days.
The following steals will all be posted at 12:00am central time tonight.


All products 15% off.


One Size Elites-Buy 4 Get 2 Free!

You can either put the two colors you would like for free in the comments section or I will refund you the cost of the 2 free diapers.


All In Ones-Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Again, I will either refund you the cost of the 3rd diaper or you can put the color you want in the comments section.  Of course that means you could do buy 4 get 2 free as well!



Happy Ordering! But you have to wait till midnight, of course!

All orders placed Friday-Sunday will be shipped on Monday morning.