Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You may be confused by this title, because baby, naturally has carried Thirsties products right from the beginning.  However, due to several circumstances, I was not able to restock them right away when I took over the store last April.  I'm happy to say that we now have a large stock of Thirsties products that are brand spankin' new to baby, naturally.  Would you like to meet them?

Duo Wrap-With SNAPS!

We have always carried the duo wrap with velcro and I decided to step it up with this order.  Get that velcro outta here!
This is the same Duo Wrap that we have always carried, just with the added convenience of snaps.
Two adjustable sizes with leg gussets to keep your baby leak free.

Duo Hemp Prefolds

This is the first prefolds I have purchased for the store.  They are made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton.
Hemp is 25% more absorbant than cotton and a natural antimicrobial.  Each prefold is 2 layers thick, which means you'll get 6 layers of absorbancy once it's folded, but thin enough for thorough cleaning and quick drying.  They are more trim and more absorbant than a traditional cotton prefold, which makes them a fantastic option for those who like to be SUPER economical in their cloth diapering.

Stay Dry Duo Inserts

Want to use covers, but prefer the stay dry advantages of a pocket diapers?  Get the best of both worlds with duo inserts.  This is actually two inserts snapped together for the perfect one two punch of absorbancy.  The top layer is two layers of fast-absorbing micro terry topped with microfleece to keep those buns nice and dry.  This snaps to an insert made of 5 layers of slow absorbing, buttery soft hemp.  The combo is a match made in heaven to keep your baby free of leaks and rash.

Duo Diaper-With SNAPS! 

One of the reasons I have waited to order Thirsties is that the Duo Diaper did not have a snap option.  Well my friends, as of last week, they do!
This really is a great diaper, folks!  It comes with the same 7 layer insert that you can use with the Duo Wrap.  Thirsties is another one of those amazingly clever companies who made their pocket diaper open on both ends so that it doesn't have to be unstuffed before it goes in the wash.  The insert will agitate itself right on out of there.  I don't know about you, but I'm all for less "hands on" options when it comes to dealing with diapers.

All 4 of these products come in size 1 and 2 in a variety of bright, fun colors and adorable prints.  My favorite is a toss up between hoot and blackbird, but if I had a girl, I would be ALL OVER the Alice Brights.  Lord help me if we ever have a girl.  I'm such a sucker for those super girly prints. 

A few other cool things about the Thirsties brand:

  • They're made 100% in the US.
  • Their warehouse is powered by wind energy.
  • Their retail packaging is produced using wind energy.
  • And many more.

See our full line of Thirsties products HERE and as always, email me if you have any questions.